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The project’s necessity can be justified by the need of adaptation to the continuous changes present in a highly developing world. Eurocenter Amőba right from its founding, has been active to the community’s advantage, the dissemination and transfer of knowledge being the foremost objective of the professional training centre, and this works for 20 years now. In order to live up to the high level claims, development and continuous renewal in technology and devices, as well as in human resources is inevitable. The results obtained by Eurocenter could not have been attained without the aid of the highly qualified work force.
The present project’s objective was to provide the employees’ professional development together with their subsequent realisations within the confines of the center, this way improving the activities’ level and the standards of the training center. Eurocenter Amőba is open towards professional international relations thus keeping up with the international tendencies, these being the aspects that determine the center’s long-term action plans. Even at the present, the center is involved in exchange programes, European partnerships, and is a member of international professional networks. In order to keep the international relationships maintained and developed, and to be able to offer useful knowledge, it is very important that staff development is achieved, especially within the international framework.

In the mobility project, within the period of 01/09/2014-31/10/2015, the abroad training of four staff members was accomplished in the following domains: IT, creative writing and students’ motivation, and project management. The training areas in the mobility project were selected according to the organisation’s necessities, and the participating personnel according to their domain of activity and interest.

The IT courses unroll in two sessions of two days each, with an intensive programme of 8 hours a day, and included the acquisition of basic skills and advanced knowledge in the domains of Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The modular courses took place in Hungary, Budapest, in the Szoftversuli training center, with the participation of two colleagues: IT coordinator and PR manager. The basic skills training were unfold in the second part of the year 2014, while the advanced took place in the first part of the year 2015. This insures the acquisition of the following competencies: the development of a static, independent and dynamic website, publication on the internet, PHP programming in Dreamweaver, and also familiarizes with the Photoshop’s interface: managing layers with selection tools, typographical elements, restoration and creating shapes and curves and the program Adobe Illustrator: blades, graphical basic concepts, management of layers, selecting objects and their arrangement, color management, shapes and curves, web graphics.

The training for writing courses took place in May and September 2015 at Arvon Foundatioan in London/Sheepwash, England Eurocenter being represented by the teacher of English language. During the 12 days course Ágota developed her communication skills: written and spoken in English, also developed a method to endear English with the students, to motivate them and reduce abandon.
The project management seven days course, offered by the Tempus Public Foundation, also took place in Budapest, in the period of August-October current year divided to three occasions, with two weeks distance each. The periods between the sessions being for the development of the actual project, which was elaborated by the trainees during the course. During these seven days the attendants was going through all the stages of preparing a project proposal, the whole process of project management, including the acquisition phase, primarily from the contract making.

Through the implementation of the project, the participants acquired high-level knowledge, conform with the European standards, which offers not only professional development, but also improves the quality of daily work, as well as being useful in personal life.
As a result of the effects with which the training center enriched by implementing the project, now unfolds its activities according to the European standards, and at the same time can keep its own stablished standards and retentional objectives. The acquired knowledge by the personnel and their implementation within the organization, insures the continuous development and persistence of the training center.

Project assistant: Rózsa Annamária


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