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English and German language courses

Our language courses try to fulfill the high rate language demands, as much as quality, efficiency and language diversity. Due to border crossing and the increasing mobility Language Knowledge is becoming more and more important not only for cultural aims but for professional success too. Nowadays the question is not whether you know a foreign language but how many foreign languages do you know.
For all these questions our language courses are the solution. They are organized in various languages and many levels. You can constantly apply for English, German, Spanish*, Italian*, French* Romanian and Hungarian language courses, on elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate levels. At the same time besides the state certificate you have the opportunity to attain an International ECL certificate, since our center is also working as an ECL International Language Center. The training programs are in accordance with the European standards and requirement; therefore they provide you with the suitable knowledge to take an international examination successfully.

Romanian language courses

The aim of the training is to acquire and practice Romanian for the sake of everyday use. Emphasis is put on fluency in speech and on developing the four communication skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). The themes cover up important areas of everyday life, including office routine too.

Learn how to speak and become more successful! By adopting this principle, our courses contribute to better results achievements in schools, more successful exams in Schools and Higher Education and last but not least raise the chances for professional success.

At the end of the course the attendee have the opportunity to take the ECL International Exam.

Japanese language courses

The goal of the course is for students to acquire the Japanese formalities of communication , the correct use of the language in everyday life situations as well as the familiarisation with and the use of Japanese writing systems .The longterm goal of the course is to provide students with enough knowledge of the language to be able to take a basic level language exam and allow them to effectively prepare for further studies.
At the end of the course the basic level language exam can be taken at the Japanese embassy in Bucharest.

Kompakt I Computer operating basic level

The three months course provides an adequate basic knowledge for properly using computers and prepares attendees for the ECDL international exams at the same time. Consists the following ECDL modules: IT basic concepts, Windows operating system and file control, Winwordprocessing, Powerpoint presentation and internet. The program contains also communicative and multimedia themes for the use of computer in such territories. During the training the attendees receive books provided by the training center as well as a lot of possibilities for practicing in order to acquire knowledge. Kompakt I program make it possible to attain the ECDL START international certificate.

Kompakt II Computer operating advanced level

The program is a sequel of Kompakt I and serves the purpose of prolonging the computer skills among fields like: data administration, financial registration, preparing statistics and diagrams, making data registration tables, configuring databases, making blanks and reports. Kompakt II contains also the following two ECDL modules: Excel and Access programs. Kompakt I and II completely covers all the 7 modules necessary for obtaining the ECDL certificate and assures you professional qualification for the field of data administration.

Web starter

The program itself reveals the basic levels of a various and complex webpage design. The attendees learn the use of HTML language and WEB design. For application basic computer skills are required. After the end of the course the attendees have the possibility to obtain an ECDL WEB Starter international certificate .There is a possibility for continuing this course to a higher level.

Name of the course Level Hours Length Theme
WebStarter Basic 48 1,5 month Basic knowledge (www, browser, URL, servers etc. usually a revision of the ECDL modules). Designing web pages, html files, contact index, web server(HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, SMTP etc.). HTML codes (the XHTML according to the protocol): basic construction, word formatting, relative and absolute reference, insert pictures or other files. Text correction with tables and other elements(div), table composition. Basic styles, CSS files.
WebStarter Upper Intermediate     The basis of CSS, Php, Mysql, javascript
WebStarter Advanced     Step by step design of CSM (Content Management System)


ImageMaker program 

The courses’ attendees will acquire the most important things regarding image making and learn how to use an image making program. The aim of the image making course is to convey such knowledge and practice like opening an image or copying, marking out, changing images, further more using layers, making methods of text elements and drawing objects and possibilities of painting and filtering. The examinees must be able to print out the final images or advertise it on a web page. The used image making program is GIMP.

Name of the course Number of hours Length Official qualification Tuition (RON)
ImageMaker 30 2 months ECDL ImageMaker international license 240
195 discount.*


The expenses of the ECDL international certificate
The ECDL exam card’s price: 125* Ron / 155 Ron
Degree emission price: 25 Ron 
Tuition fee: 37 Ron 
* for students

Preparatory courses for the international ECL exams are of short term length and of technological character. Basically it assures a full preparation for the exam, as the main goal is to provide information about the exam demands as well as to practice the specific tests given. The preparation lasts two days and is being organised just before the ECL international exams. First of all the course is recommended for those who already possess some kind of knowledge of language and need an international language certificate.

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